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Q and A

  • What is the advantage of having an insurance agent?

    • It always helps to have someone on your side. An independent insurance agent represents the companies that he is contracted with, but he works for his clients. Whenever there is an issue with your coverage or if you are looking for lower rates, he can help resolve the issue and make recommendations for finding the coverage you need at a price that is right for you. It is like having a one-stop-shop for addressing all of your insurance needs.


  • Does this service cost me anything?

    • No. An insurance agent is paid a commission on the policies he sells, but that commission in no way affects the amount you pay for your coverage. You pay the same for a policy whether you take it out through an agent or not.  A licensed insurance agent is not allowed to charge his clients any type of service or consultation fee.


  • Will I have to deal with high-pressured sales from my agent?

    • No. Some agents have been known to apply high-pressure sales tactics, but not here. Every agent with Larry K Swisher Insurance is held to a high standard of customer service and courtesy. We make it our job to be proactive about finding solutions to your needs, but we do so by educating our clients, not by pressuring them to buy something they don’t need or want.