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Financial Planning

Disability Income, Annuities and more.

Products to protect your future.


Annuities are the flip side of life insurance. Instead of protecting your family in the case of death, they protect you against living too long. They do this by providing a lifetime of income that cannot be outlived. In the past people have relied on variable annuities. Variable meaning that the money is in the stock market. But within the last few decades Fixed Indexed Annuities have been growing in popularied. While there is potential to grow your money, you can never lose that growth--it is "fixed". Here at Larry K Swisher LLC we are in the business of protecting people not putting them at risk. We don't dealth in variable annuities, only fixed. We can held you outline a strategy by using a small portion of your retirement to create an income stream that can be used as a secondary income for retirement, or a pention to cover the costs of healthcare as you age. 


In case you become disabiled and unable to work, who will provide for your family?