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Life Insurance in Louisville, KY | Larry K. Swisher

Life Insurance | Louisville, KY

Why Do I Need Life Insurance?

Life insurance creates an immediate estate, providing financial security for dependants in the case of the death of the insured. This should be foremost in the mind of a family provider. There are several forms of life insurance available, each with its own unique advantages. Which one is right for you depends on several factors, such as long-term and short-term goals, income, retirement planning, etc.

Term Life

Term insurance provides the most protection for the lowes premium. For a limited period of time (term), it provides for a relatively large estate to replace income or other resources. In a business setting term insurance can also be used to satisfy short-term obligations in business opportunies.

Whole Life

Whole life is insurance that one can keep for ones entire life. The premium and protection remain level.  It also builds cash value, providing a savings element that you can have immediate access to.  

Final expense insurance is generally a smaller whole life policy that gives surviving family members the resources they need to pay for funeral costs and any medical bills that may have been incurred toward the end of life.